Tantastic Fast Drying Self Tan - Dry Oil 150ml (Ultra Dark)

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Go ultra dark with TANTASTIC's dry tanning oil. It glides on effortlessly and dries in seconds, developing into an intensley dark tan.

Product Details

A lightweight, non sticky dry tanning oil, enriched with hydrating Coconut oil and Guarana for a flawless finish and even fade.


Ultra dark -13% DHA Quick drying, lightweight, non-greasy dry oil Enriched with Coconut oil & Guarana Summer scent in a bottle Fades evenly 100% natural DHA No alcohol or parabens Vegan and Cruelty Free


Use your TANTASTIC Flawless Finish Mitt to apply the ultra dark tanning oil to your face and body. Leave to dry for just 2 minutes and you're good to go!


Tantastic is quick drying and easy to apply…leaving you with soft and supple skin up to 7 days.

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