Skinician Revitalising Tonic 500ml Professional

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SKINICIAN Revitalising Tonic is an advanced soothing lotion which intensely hydrates the skin.
This versatile tonic will help fight the ageing process and brighten skin tone, leaving refreshed and radiant skin. The superb combination of Vitamin C Complex and Vitamin E promotes the production of Collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst encouraging the generation of new cells, resulting in fresh, brighter skin.

This is a trade only product

Product Details

Hydrates, refreshes and revitalises complexion Promotes an even, balanced skin tone


Evens skin tone Firms and brightens skin Removes all traces of cleanser Aids in the production of Collagen which fights the ageing process Softens skin Reduces blemishes caused by pimples Reduces levels of damaging free radicals such as UV rays Reduces UVA induced sebum by up to 30%


Use twice daily after cleansing, both morning and night. Apply to a cotton pad and gently tone the face and neck area, removing excess cleanser and impurities. Avoid contact with the eye area.