Skinician Facial Exfoliator 250ml Professional

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SKINICIAN Facial Exfoliator is a sophisticated deep cleansing, creamy face polish.
Specially formulated with exfoliating Polythene Micro Beads to remove dead cells and clear pores; moisturising Shea Butter for intensive conditioning and Vitamin E to brighten skin, restore moisture balance and reduce wrinkles. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated, radiant and noticeably younger looking.

Product Details

Deeply cleanses, removes dead skin cells and unblocks pores Brightens skin and restores moisture balance to combat ageing


Sloughs dead skin cells and helps to unclog pores Leaves your skin feeling luminous and radiant Restores moisture balance to aid in combating the ageing process Increases elasticity and flexibility of the skin preventing dryness and cracking Maintains moisture levels within the skin Reduces the levels of damaging free radicals