Shanghai Stick No 2

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25 hour eyeshadow stick. Kajal waterproof colour with incorporated sharpener.

Product Details

Soft and creamy, it can be quickly blended in on your eyelids like an eyeshadow and used along the inner rims like an eyeliner. Thanks to its incorporated sharpener, the tip is always perfect, ready to be used as a no-transfer eyeliner.


Karaja is a professional Italian makeup brand, exclusive to 4Beauty Group. Launched in 1985, the brand features heavily on the fashion week catwalks, reflecting its Italian heritage and fashion-focused flair. All of the products within the portfolio are made to FDA standards with the highest cosmeceutical grace ingredients; offering an outstanding colour range and high pigmentation.

Top Tips

Its gentle, non-sticky, long wearing and waterproof formulation makes it ideal for use as a primer, i.e. as a coloured base before application of powder eyeshadows to intensify their effect and keep them looking fresh, as well as preventing clumping and transfer.