Opatra Skin Analyser

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This Skin Analyser is the world's most advanced skin detection equipment on the market today. It utilises a skincare photographic imaging tool that provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface facial conditions.

This is a trade only product

Product Details

The Skin Analyser adopts RGB, UV, PL spectral imaging technology, combined with artificaial intelligence and imaging analysis while, shooting, analysing and displaying. This technology can provide efficient skin analysis of spots, pores, moisture, textures, redness, brown spots, UV sun damage, wrinkles and pigmentation within 20 seconds. Our analysis detects these skin impurities that are occuring underneath the dermis.


The Skin Analyser helps medical and skincare professionals develop targeted treatment programs on an individual basis and commincate more effectively with clients, resulting in tailored, actionable skincare plans for your customers.


Opatra Skincare Technologies offer a unique range of beauty devices and skincare products, promoting healthier beauty routines that require no surgery or downtime.

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Suitable for all skin types

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