Night & Day Mascara

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Non-smudge 100% waterproof night and day mascara with up to 24 hours stay.

Product Details

Simply wipe it off with plenty of hot water using just your fingers, the same way you would normally wash your face. Thanks to some outstanding new technology, the temperature of the water (about 38° C) swells the special polymer film covering the eyelashes, breaking this up into small flakes that can then be easily rinsed off.


3D formula with panthenol and vitamin E. The new gel formula with 3D polymers gives your eyelashes a three-dimensional look, guaranteeing amazing performance: exceptional definition, length and curve. Application is quick and the effect is immediate. Panthenol and Vitamin E protect and strengthen the eyelashes, keeping them healthy and supple.


Karaja is a professional Italian makeup brand, exclusive to 4Beauty Group. Launched in 1985, the brand features heavily on the fashion week catwalks, reflecting its Italian heritage and fashion-focused flair. All of the products within the portfolio are made to FDA standards with the highest cosmeceutical grace ingredients; offering an outstanding colour range and high pigmentation.

Top Tips

No need for make-up remover. Ideal for brides and all those who need lasting mascara that remains perfect all day and all night long.

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