Lash Master 3 in 1 Mascara No 1

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3-in-1 mascara for multiple different looks. Use brush 1 for volumising effect, or use brush 2 for defining. Combine brushes 1 and 2 for professional results.

Product Details

Extra volume effect and maximum definition for an intense look and impeccable performance. This new product combines an exclusive texture and a special transforming applicator, letting you create a variety of professional and personalised looks to suit each situation, and in just two moves.


Contains Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E.


Karaja is a professional Italian makeup brand, exclusive to 4Beauty Group. Launched in 1985, the brand features heavily on the fashion week catwalks, reflecting its Italian heritage and fashion-focused flair. All of the products within the portfolio are made to FDA standards with the highest cosmeceutical grace ingredients; offering an outstanding colour range and high pigmentation.

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