HeroShield Visors (10 pack)

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The HeroShield is intended to be worn to protect the face from liquid splashes and bodily fluids when treating other people.

Comfortable fit headband that can be disinfected after each use and reused by the same person unlike sponge lined bands that need to be disposed of when dirty/wet

*5% of all sales generated by the Hero Shield are donated to the Hero Shield’s charity which will supply free shields and other PPE to the most vulnerable frontline workers*

Product Details

It is not designed to prevent acute respiratory infections (ARIs) or to protect from impacts. It is highly recommended that Face Masks are used with the Hero Face Shield when appropriate to protect against respiratory infections or diseases which may be present.

RE-USABLE & SANITISABLE: A reused headband should be used by the same person only, unlike sponge lined bands that must be disposed of if dirty/wet. No Sponge and No elastic. Comfortable fit.

ULTRA CLEAR optical plastic lens: can be used for prolonged periods - no colour distortion

ANTI FOG: vented masks to avoid steaming

ADJUSTABLE, ONE SIZE FITS ALL DESIGN: Adjustable head band, designed to fit all regardless of size. Can be used with glasses, prescription lenses and protective masks or respirators

CARE GUIDE: For low risk use, all components can be disinfected with alcohol wipes or isopropyl alcohol. The headband component can be disinfected with boiling water if other methods are unavailable. For NHS / high risk users the band and visor may be sterilised for reuse by appropriate hospital (low temperature) procedures. The visor can be used as short-term wear of up to 8 hours. Do not share or reuse headbands between different people under any circumstances.

CLASSIFICATION: PPE Class I of REGULATION (EU) 2016/425. CE Marked Sealed Box of 10 headbands & 10 visors Manufactured May 2020 In NI


Re-usable Ultra Clear Adjustable Headband - one size fits all Comfortable Fit for everyday use

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