Happy Skin 24K Gold Hydrogel Face Mask (single)

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These luxury masks have been enriched with real 24k gold and bee venom to help boost blood flow and slow collagen depletion. The hydrogel mask contains a bespoke anti-wrinkle compound Adenosine and Collagen, as well as Marine and Plant Extracts to restore firmness and address your skincare needs in specific areas.

Product Details

This anti-aging mask restores the skin’s elasticity, leaving it feeling revitalised and moisturised. Gold powder, Collagen and plant extracts brighten the skin for a more even complexion while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells.


24k gold and bee venom are a powerful combination with proven results. Using gold within your skincare regime helps to boost blood flow, slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. Gold also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid the renewal of skin cells. Bee venom is a defensive toxin produced by bees with age-defying effects. It encourages the stimulation of natural collagen and elastin production which helps the skin stay firm and youthful.


Simply cleanse the face free of product. Apply the mask by smoothing it out on the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes for absorption. Remove and massage the product into the skin without rinsing.

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Ideal Skin Types - Dull Skin/ Combination/ Aging

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