Low Cost Online Retail Marketing Ideas for 2018

Low Cost Online Retail Marketing Ideas for 2018

At 4Beauty Group, we often hear from salons that it’s  difficult and expensive to implement effective marketing for the services they offer and the products they retail.

Most salon owners don’t have the large marketing budget of a larger retail chain. Therefore having your own online presence is a great start, but how can you specifically market the products you stock to a broad audience? Here are 9 low cost marketing ideas for you to utilise in 2018.

Use your old connections - the connections you already have can become a great step to gather new customers. If you have friends/family in the business sector, don’t be afraid to utilise their presence within the market. Partner up with other businesses for competitions or deals. You can also ensure you keep your relationships with your current/ less frequent customers by having follow up chats - call and ask what they thought of the product you sold them, or if there are any other products you suggested that they might now like to purchase as an add on to the retail products ie. Skincare. This can help to put you in the minds of old customers, and therefore you increase the chance for return business and/or for them to talk about your business to people they may know.

Video is only growing - just like imagery, it is video content that is now taking over our social media news feeds and gaining great engagement rates. Create a video which shows how customers can use the products you stock, or how great your show room looks. If you have a salon, you can film a treatment you would like to promote more, and make sure to include the products you are using and talk customers through the process and benefits.

Do it yourself – tutorials - similar to the above, some salon owners become wary when they hear the words ‘DIY’, but the ‘do it yourself’ – tutorials can increase your sales without too much trouble. Create a DIY-tutorial with instructions how to rinse your face for example, and include the products you’re selling. Simple, but effective. Video is a great tool for DIY-tutorials, since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Promote your best-selling products - this may sound too simple, but it’s still an effective way to increase your sales. Use the popularity of your best-selling products to attract more customers to your brand or store. Also: posting about your range of products in store through video/image can help to increase interest in your business by providing your customer with a further reason to come to you – to buy products they like. With social sites like Instagram & Facebook it is so simple to connect to your customers and to maintain relationships even after they leave your salon.

Use testimonials - testimonials of customers still work, so why not make use of them? Ask your regulars what they like about the products and post their reactions on your website and social media.

How-to’s and step-by-step - Create a how-to or step-by-step instruction where you incorporate your retail products – simple A4 steps sitting alongside point of sale material

Connect locally - Hold events with your local customers, and ensure if you decide to boost your Facebook posts you promote any social media posts within a realistic geographical area that is close to customers that would visit your salon, otherwise your money is being wasted.

Competitions are always popular  - What better way to promote a new product (or perhaps even an old one) by holding a contest? Customers can participate in it, tell their friends about it or share content and social media posts about the competition – therefore increasing your reach as a salon to potential clients.

Be persistent without being annoying - Sometimes it’s just a question of being persistent, without being annoying. If a customer is hesitant to purchase your products, or if you only get a ‘send me an email and I will look at it’, you could walk away. Or you could send them an email and call again after a week to ask if they’ve received it. And if they still are not interested, make sure to ask why. Perhaps the advice or opinion they have can improve your selling technique or how you retail your products.

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