How to: Look after dry skin this winter

How to: Look after dry skin this winter

Dry skin can be a real pain, especially coming into the winter months. It’s itchy, tight and can cause your skin to become flaky with red irritated patches. We’ve come up with a routine to help you conquer your dry skin and restore your skin to its full hydrated self, bringing back your natural glow.

There can be various causes of dry skin: hormones, weather, psoriasis, or even your diet. Here is a few pointers to help you overcome the pain of dry skin this winter.

  • Keep the air moist by using a humidifier, if you have heating on in your car or house continuously it can cause your skin to dry out.
  • Stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water is a MUST. If your body’s hydrated, your skin will be too.
  • If you struggle with redness and dry patches on your skin, keep that area of the skin cool, and use hydrating and soothing creams such as SKINICIAN Advanced Calming Serum and SKINICIAN Revitalising Moisturiser.

If you suffer from dry skin here’s our top tips to help you this winter;

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

We can’t stress enough that if you are a dry skin sufferer, make moisturiser your new best friend! When you have dry, itchy irritated skin it’s because your skin has minimal moisture. To bring your skin back to its glowing self you need to be rehydrating your skin on a daily basis (we recommend once at night and once in the morning). By using SKINICIAN Advanced Time Delay Day Moisturiser in the mornings and SKINICIAN Advanced Restoring Night Cream at night; your skin will not only feel completely rehydrated but it will keep your skin feeling and looking youthful.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

You might think taking a long shower and using come scented body wash will help you remove all the dead flaky skin, but this could actually be the cause of your dry skin. Showering for too long takes away your skins natural oils, try using scent free body wash (it’s a lot less harsh on the skin) and use SKINICIAN Exfoliating Body Scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Remember to use your SKINICIAN day/night moisturiser after, depending on the time of day you are having a dip.

Use a face mask twice a week

Those with dry skin seem to have irritating dry red patches. An extra way of tackling this would be to use a face mask twice a week, this will help hydrate, soothe skin irritation and help restore any broken skin.  Get yourself into a twice a week routine of sitting down for 15-20 minutes with a Happy Skin Face Mask on,  using the Aloe Vera, Rose or the 24K face mask they will hydrated your skin and help restore any irritated patches.

When applying makeup 

If you have dry skin, and want to apply makeup it can sometimes end in disaster due to flakiness and patchiness with your foundation. Even if you have moisturised before applying makeup, we recommend that you use Karaja Tbubaki Oil or Karaja Instant Glow Primer, this means that your foundation has a well hydrated base to be applied onto and reduces the chances of your foundation becoming flaky throughout the day.

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