Blogging & Content Marketing for Salons

Blogging & Content Marketing for Salons

Content marketing (often referred to as blogging) is the buzz online marketing word at the moment. Google loves it. Your clients love it.

So why isn’t your salon or spa blogging?

Perhaps you don’t think it’s something salons need to get involved with – blogging is just for big national companies.

We disagree. We believe it’s a salon marketing opportunity waiting to happen for many hair and beauty businesses.

It’s precisely because so few salons produce quality, regular content (a blog by any other name) that we believe it’s an outstanding marketing opportunity for ambitious salon entrepreneurs. If you want to put your salon on the map then blogging could be for you.

Content salon marketing works

Blogging as a marketing tool is not for the faint-hearted. To see results you need to post regular high quality content that appeals to both to readers and to search engines.

A well-executed, professional salon blog will:

Boost your salon SEO and Google rankings.

Increase salon website visitors. And lead to new clients.

Provide engaging articles to feed your social media and email marketing.

Give loyal clients a reason to re-visit your website. A real benefit, this one.

Build your salon email database.

Recommend and give advice when your salon is closed.

Drive your salon into the spotlight.

Set you apart from the local competition.

Sound exciting? Something you’d like your hair or beauty salon to be involved in? Let’s talk. Call us or drop us an email to

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